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Hey welcome to my animation website! My name is Blake O'Quinn Murders, I’m new to the industry but motivated and ready to work hard. I specialize in 3D character animation, video reference acting, and hand-keyframed animation. I work above and beyond to make amazing ideas a reality with the best medium creatives like myself have to offer, and I’m looking forward to working with the team!

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Steve Cunningham,

Animation Mentor (Class 3)

 “Blake has shown improvement with each week. Participates well in our Q&A's. Takes direction well and works hard to address mentor notes. Strong poses. Good sense of mechanics. Keep working on the details, timing and spacing as well as overall pace of a shot. Trust your gut! Good luck next term!”
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Greg Whittaker,

Animation Mentor (Class 6)

"Blake is a joy to work with. Blake has an excellent work ethic and really wants to get the most out of class. Blake's work improved dramatically over the last 12 weeks and he could see great success in this industry if continues to apply himself."
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Nicole Herr,

Animation Mentor (Class 2)

"It was great to get to work with you in class this semester! Your ideas were great for body mechanics, they worked for the assignments that you were working on. You are also good at taking the notes given and using them in your animations. You also did really well in getting to know constraints and how to use them in your shots."

About Me

Hey, Blake Murders here! I'm 22 years old and hooked on 3D animation.  The idea of crafting entire worlds from scratch has always blown my mind.


Grew up on a farm in Valley Center, CA, surrounded by horses, chickens, and... ventriloquist dummies (Mortimer Snerd and Charlie McCarthy). Ive definitely always been the resident art/video game nerd, When i was younger I made some basic level stop motion stuff with the legos and enjoyed Ventriloquism (although I wasn't very great haha).


In high school i found video production and my love for storytelling and the power of film grabbed me. I always enjoyed the post-production, though. So, I started tinkering with VFX - dinosaurs, robots, the whole shebang but thats when i found out i wanted to make them move.  That led me down the rabbit hole of animation software, starting with Cinema 4D.  Totally hooked, I dived into Maya and knew this was my path.


I saw an animator's work online I admired, it turns out they went to Animation Mentor. Fast forward to today - I just graduated, and it's been an amazing experience.  I am excited to keep learning and growing in this incredible industry.

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